Indulge your sweet tooth with this Candy Land Cake 🍭🍬🎂💖🌈 🔗 Candy Land cake INGREDIENTS - 3 boxes vanilla cake mix, or enough cake batter for 6 layers - 6 cups vanilla buttercream - Pink food coloring - Sprinkles - , melted - Candy of all kinds (lollipops, rock candy, gummies, candy buttons, etc…) DIRECTIONS 1. Mix up your vanilla cake batter and divide it in two. 2. Add pink food coloring to half the batter and sprinkles to the other half - and mix to combine. Bake according to the recipe. 3. Level your cake layers, and cut three concentric circles into each layer. 4. Using a pink layer and a sprinkled layer, swap the outside rings and the innermost rings, so that you have one layer that goes ‘pink. Sprinkle, pink’ and another layer that goes ‘sprinkle, pink. Sprinkle. 5. Assemble your cake with a thin layer of buttercream between each layer. Make sure you alternate between mostly pink layers and mostly sprinkled layers, to achieve the checkerboard effect. 6. Coat the outside of the cake with buttercream, and smooth it to achieve a ‘naked’ cake effect. You want your layers to peak through. 7. Chill the cake until the buttercream has firmed up. 8. Drip the melted candy melts along the rim of the cake, so that it drizzles over the edge. 9. Decorate the cake to your heart’s desire with all the candy you can find.

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